1st Historical Theme Park

The first Historical Theme Park of the Central Transdanubian region presents the life of medieval castles, the course of battles of that period, and the weapons of the warfare in a unique way. Within the framework of an interactive, live history lesson, anyone can get an inside view of the everyday life in the Middle Ages.

The adventure park, the Castle, the Várcsárda (the restaurant of the castle), the stables, the petting zoo, the Great Knights’ Hall, the Knights’ Arena and the Hotel Kapitány together provide an active, unforgettable relaxation rich in experiences.

The elements of the Historical Theme Park:

War machine exhibition: trebuchets, siege tower, spear throwing machine, firearms.
A In the framework of a war machine exhibition, siege engines are presented in the area next to the Castle of Sümeg. Siege engines were used by attackers for assaulting medieval castles before the 15th century. The other section of the exhibition shows the firearms that were more effectively used by the assaulters when arranging the siege. The aim of the war machine exhibition is to present this military equipment to the visitors in an organized form, within the framework of a live history lesson.

  • Long-range counterweight trebuchet: throwed stones of 50 kg up to 300 meters and broke through the castle wall upon hitting it, this way the attackers gained access to the castle. The machine was operated by about 2 tons of counterweight.
  • Long-range treadmill-driven trebuchet: served the same purposes as the above, but it operated differently.
  • Field trebuchet: the war machine was fitted with wheels, which made it easy to transport over long distances. It was even suitable for throwing fireballs and a lot of small stones simultaneously.
  • Siege tower: This machine also made it possible to get into the castle. The siege tower was built out of firing range, then it was pulled to the castle walls, the drawbridge was lowered in order that the besiegers could reach the top of the castle walls.
  • Spear throwing machine: By the help of this medieval spear throwing machine aiming was relatively quick and accurate. 30 seconds was needed to launch a javelin-sized spear.
  • Firearms: Cannons of various calibre are exhibited positioned in gun carriages representing the era (14th, 15th, 16th centuries). Their use is presented in artillery positions.

Siege camp of Turkish assault troops: It presents the period of Turkish occupation with authentically built and furnished officers and soldiers’ tents, cannons and artillery positions.

Stable: In the Kisfaludy Várkert stable and farmyard, you can get to know our native domestic pets and their little ones.

Gift shop: History-themed books, medieval weapons (bows, swords, sabres, shields, maces, etc.), period dresses, Hungarian noble robes, linen clothing, products decorated with the image of Castle Sümeg or with the inscription ‘Sümeg’, postcards of Sümeg, Sümeg maps, and CDs presenting the town of Sümeg, the Castle and significant programs organized in the castle garden can be purchased here.

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