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This is the Castle’s Captain’s own collection which is created in the spirit of „The present is built on the appreciation of the past.”.

This is the Castle’s Captain’s own collection which is created in the spirit of „The present is built on the appreciation of the past.”. 

The museum’s which is opened in the summer of 2011 at the lower section can be found the cars of people with higher social status (doctors, count, representatives) and you can find the commoners’s cars and chariots. The collection is unique because in Hungary, exhibition on this subject, besides that is on view just at Keszthely. 

The story of the chariot started from Hungary and travelled the whole world. In the Middle Ages people hardly used for passenger transport. The three horse-drawn chariots appeared in the 1400s which are different from the most European wagons, with the help of the new chariot seven or eight of people could go on a longer journey. The rear wheels of the vehicle made from light material were higher like the front, passenger cabin of chariot which is covered by a leather tent, furthermore, the flat land provide a comfortable rest during the trip. 

The word „chariot” comes from the name of Kocs village in Komárom-Esztergom County, where operated the first original chariot workshop. In the time of King Matthias, this small settlement was one of the major resting and filling station of the post chariot line from Buda across Győr to Vienna. The advantages of the Hungarian invention became quickly indispensable on the roads and cities of Europe: lightness, flexible adaptation to road conditions, comfort, durability. From this archetype made several new creation: carriages, cabs, coupes, landau, fashionable, practical and durable vehicles, which left a mark on the story of travelling. The dear visitors can see a unique selection of these. 

The knights of the past and their weapons welcome to at the door and you can see such chariots which have story: about a brave Russian soldier who is gone home on a cart, escaping from the Russian front. Moreover, about a farmer whose all wealth was a haycart, about village firefighters and their heroic deeds, about rich lords whom was important the expression of wealth, about peasants, who took the road at dawn to circle their estate. In addition, of course, about little gentlemen and ladies, who was sliding on the snowy slopes of winter enjoyed their childhood. The dear visitors can immersed the life of the last centuries, forgetting the fast reality of our world. A pleasant amusement we wish.

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