The exhibitions of Castle Sümeg

The permanent exhibitions have been expanded this year and new exhibitions have been opened in the Castle!

The episcopal living room and council room in the old tower as well as a period kitchen and pantry on the lower level have recently been opened. 
Besides, the guardsman's room has been refurbished, and the baking house, the cartwright’s and the black smith’s workshop have been enriched with contemporary tools and personal belongings. 
The Castle Chapel has received new furniture, and new gun emplacements have been established in the alley inside the gate. 

Dear Visitors,

Visiting the attractions and exhibitions of the Castle in the summer season provides a whole day experience for all visitors.
From autumn to spring, (in colder weather) viewing the indoor exhibitions takes approx. 1.5-2 hours.

You can visit all the exhibitions of Castle Sümeg with your admission ticket:

  •         Guardsman’s room 
  •         Artillery room  
  •         Firearm museum
  •         Torture chamber
  •         Castellan’s room 
  •         Castle chapel
  •         Viticulture exhibition 
  •         Archaeology exhibition   
  •         Visitor Centre 
  •         Bakehouse
  •         Cartwright’s workshop
  •         Black smith’s workshop
  •         Castle maquette exhibition 


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